Sunday, 30 September 2012

The month of September

Started with a day trip to Worthing to see Granny Warmth. After lunch we went for a walk along the beach, played on the 2p slot machines and all the joys of a local museum.
London has just been alive this summer with so many surprises. Walking from Charing Cross we discovered a Paralympic live site at Trafalgar Square and then walking up Regents Street, which was closed for Piccadilly Circus Circus. We gazed, gawped and admired the amazing acrobatic feats.
Back to work, but the evenings were still filled with Paralympics.
Glorious sunshine and a sunny Saturday mooching at Maltby Street Market and then Borough Market. Buying delicious food for a weekend of final September BBQs.
An early start on Sunday and in to London to eek out the last of London 2012 with cheering on the marathon. The sun shone and London looked glorious.
Picking a few apples from our tree, not nearly as many as last year.
Easing into autumn with footless tights...
Going to Renegade Craft at Spitalfields and meeting fellow blogger Anna there. A new brooch was bought. Then a lovely autumnal shopping mooch, up Marylebone High Street popping into Oxfam Bookshop, Rococo for a small salted chocolate bar, then meeting Warmth and Brother Warmth and wife for drinks.
A Sunday afternoon at the cinema for Anna Karenina. It felt like we should have vodka and caviar rather than popcorn to munch on.
A quiet weekend sharing food with Ma and Pa Warmth on Saturday and Mother and Pops on Sunday. Suddenly autumn has arrived, as did the rain.
Catching up with a dear friend at Pain Quotidian.
Another gorgeous sunny Saturday and off to Sevenoaks to visit some friends this evening.
Books read - very dismal I started Such a Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry but just couldn't get into it so 200 pages in we departed company.
Baking an apple streusal cake - not the most interesting but it's always lovely to have a cheeky slice of cake. Some more bananas so another banana cake. Julia Child's Coq au vin - the perfect recipe so much so that we've already planned who we're cooking it for next.


  1. Oooh, I'm hoping to get time to see Anna Karenina this week! It was so lovely to meet you at Renegade xx

  2. I do enjoy your monthly round-ups. I've very fond of Pain Quotidian, too.

    1. Vintage - Thank you. On a wet autumnal night it's so cosy in Pain Quotidian.

  3. No shame in parting company from a book that doesn't grip you. I've had quite a lot of those fails this year too. And yay, autumn is here!

    1. Tonia - I know but it still feels a little like 'what may I have missed?' Never mind yay for autumn indeed.

  4. Sounds like you had a great September, it's a nice way to recap over a month. I think film themed snacks are a great idea. I loved A Fine Balance but have never read any other of RM's books, fear of disappointment.

  5. Lilac - I haven't read A Fine Balance but it's on our bookshelves thanks to Warmth maybe after a rest I might try that.

  6. Sounds delightful! I love all the baking and cooking. Julia Child's Coq au vin is great isn't it? And perfect for a cozy autumn dinner.

    1. Sunday - We're cooking it again for friend's on Saturday evening, maybe with a lemon tart.


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