Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Tea Table Waited

In honour of the final GBBO and finishing South Riding. A post dedicated to South Riding cake moments, and there were quite a few.

'...where, before a leaping cheerful fire, the tea table waited, silver kettle bubbling and shining teapot already warmed, caddy of Earl Grey mixture a covered hot-plate of buttered anchovy toast, an angel cake like a snowdrift.'

'Tea was tea at Willow Lodge... the plates were piled high with bread and butter, currant loaf and queen cakes; the cheese cakes and lemon tarts lay on frilled netted d'oylies; the spice-bread was rich as buttered cold plum pudding;'
'Up on the first floor Lily could see ladies in green arm-chairs eating muffins...The tea was good. The toast was hot dripping with butter.'

'And even the so-called plain teas included cheese-cakes, tarts, scones, spiced bread, currant tea-cakes.'
Will you be watching The Great British Bake Off?


  1. Beautiful! And yes, of course! Have sent Mr W out specially...

  2. Verity - What did you think? Were you pleased Jo won or did you have another favourite? I shall miss watching it.

  3. Well now you've gone and made me hungry! I've really enjoyed this GBBO, and the last series (which I only tuned in to watch because I ended up in a secret tearoom with 2 of the contestants who told me they were going to be on the show!). I marvel at how they can all be so patient and precise. It really is beyond me.


  4. How did you end up in a secret tearoom with two of the contestants. And who were they? And did you eat their baking? Most jealous.

  5. They were eating, not baking :) We got seated at the same table and spent the afternoon chatting away... the series started a few weeks later and I watched the whole thing only to discover they ended up being the final two (it was Edd and Ruth!) It was really exciting, I don't know how they managed to keep it a secret!



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