Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gingery Spices

After the glorious warm weather autumn has arrived.....

'The autumn smelled of these brown bitter leaves and of many other gingery spices. Greedily he breathed in the mixed peppery smell of chilled apples, bitter dry twigs, sweetish damp earth and that of the blue September mist which smoked like the fumes of a recently extinguished fire.' Boris Pasternak Dr. Zhivago

What is the scent of autumn for you?



  1. The scent of autumn for me is when we sweep up the seemingly endless supply of leaves which have fallen from our walnut tree. The scent is spicy and acutely autumnal. And yes, we do have nuts from the tree and this year we have, again, had an excellent 'nuttage', as I call the nut harvest.
    Margaret P

  2. Margaret - oh we had a walnut tree as children and loved collecting them. I remember lying them out in the spare room to dry. Yes 'nuttage' is the perfect word.

  3. Hello! I've followed you here from your comment on my blog and found yours - and it's charming! I am bookmarking you...

    We too have a walnut tree and I am absolutely in agreement about the spicy aroma. Also the whiff of woodsmoke and that wet sweet smell of fallen leaves generally.

  4. Hello Helen, thank you for the kind compliment. Aah the whiff of woodsmoke definately a delicious autumnal scent.


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