Sunday, 31 July 2011

My Mark

Today is Granny's birthday. Our first without her with us. Granny had asked for this to be part of her funeral and it seems fitting to post it today.

'My daughters, I am written into you forever.

When you have children I'll be written into them too.

There will always be a genetic inscription that reads - MY MARK.'

Morris West - Eminence



  1. That continuance of a person in their children and grandchildren is a wonderful thing.
    Hope today isn't too hard for you.

  2. The first birthday without them is really tough - I am coming up to Nanna's second birthday away from us. But just because they're not here doesn't mean we can't celebrate them.

    Hope you get through ok.

  3. Tonia - Yes it gives hope and continuity to family. I like knowing part of her is part of me.
    reading fuelled by tea - I gave mum a lovely rose from our new garden for when she went to visit the grave, and today there are even more roses on the bush.


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