Friday, 8 July 2011

Eyes surfeited with beauty

I'm enjoying reading Ripening Seed by Colette for passages like this. Although it is making me want to be on holiday, by the coast, in France.

'An off-shore breeze wafted the scent of the new-mown after-crop, farmyard smells, and the fragrance of bruised mint: little by little, along the level of the sea a dusty pink was usurping the domain of blue unchallenged since the early morning. Phillippe did not know how to express such a thought as: 'All too few are the occasions in life when with mind content, eyes surfeited with beauty, heart light, retentive, and almost empty, there comes a moment for the senses to be filled to overflowing: I shall remember this as just such a moment.' Colette Ripening SeedWhat moments are you remembering this month?


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  2. A sunny afternoon when even the light and air seemed soft. A calming after an incredibly stressful few days, where everything finally just seemed right.

  3. Such lovely thoughts...I need to remember that these things which occur to us are but a moment instead of longing for them to last forever.

    The moments I've loved this summer? Cycling with my dear mother on the river path; yesterday we saw a fox, often we see a deer, and always the sparkling water.

    Like you, though, I'm rather wishing for a seaside vacance en France!

  4. Tonia - so glad everything is seeming right now.
    Bellezza - yes longing for the wonderful moments to last forever. Learning that often they' seem perfect because they are only for a moment.

  5. I like this picture a lot. Very optimistic and creative. I like this post. Thanks for posting.

  6. Love the picture, love the quote. I'll be seeking out more Colette, as this sounds wonderful as well!

    Wine and cheese in the park is my moment for the month. :)

  7. Traditional sweets - Why thank you.
    Anothercookiecrumbles - ooh yes sitting in the park with wine and cheese there's a moment to savour.


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