Friday, 10 June 2011

Sunshine & Campari

Slightly summed up my birthday weekend...

"The thing is,' she said, high on sunshine and Campari,' Penelope Lively Consequences

Hoping your weekend is full of sunshine and....


  1. My birthday was yesterday, Joan. Geminis of the world unite!

    Michelle Ann, a poster on my blog, commented on the fact that we both seemed to have celebrated our birthdays with a campari. Mine was campari and soda - my FIRST ever. I spent the day with my daughter and granddaughter and reckelessly threw caution to the winds and ordered a campari and soda (a drink I've been reading about since forever) and enjoyed it very much.

    So, here's to a Happy Birthday weekend for the both of us, Joan. I'm glad I discovered your blog. :)

  2. Dear Yvette, What a lovely comment. Hope you had a lovely birthday, enjoy many more Camparis this summer and I'm now off to read your blog.

  3. What a perfect way to spend a birthday! Obviously throw in a little cake now and then...
    Hope you had a great time!

  4. Tonia - why thank you for your best wishes. Cake was eaten...


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