Thursday, 2 June 2011

Paris In July

Tamara and Karen are organising Paris in July once more. Today's post is in response to this post .
Here's the link to last year on Flowers and Stripes
This year I shall be reading Collette Ripening Seed, picked up in a charity shop hoping Paris in July would happen again.
I may re read That Mad Ache by Francoise Sagan as I so loved it last year.
Having discovered Julia Childs this year maybe a cook from her book, and it feels along time since my taste buds tingled with a Laduree macarons so I may just have to...



  1. I have a Colette book on my list as well; I'm excited about experiencing this new author. And it's just not France without Julia Child, is it? I look forward to reading your Paris In July posts!

  2. HRO - why thank you and pleased to meet you.


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