Monday, 11 April 2011

Where it was always April

The blossom is still just hanging in there and Love in the time of cholera is still in my mind... '...he saw her transfigured in the afternoon shimmer of two o'clock in a shower of blossoms from the almond trees where it was always April regardless of the season of the year.' Gabriel Garcia Marquez Love in the time of Cholera


Where would you like to be driving to this afternoon?


  1. The sea, the sea, the sea!
    But not a sandy beach: one full of wave-worn pebbles, with just enough of a sand-revealing gap for a driftwood fire.

  2. I would drive anywhere in a car like that - and the flowers are stunning! I think one of my favourite drives of all times is from Adelaide, South Australia to Goolwa were the Murray River reaches the sea. It's a childhood memory, but it's amaing country.

  3. I'd love to be driving to some magical place where it is perpetually 70 degrees and sunny, and all there is to do is sit on the beach with a sandwich and a good book. I'm already getting tired of this weather roller coaster we've been having the past few days.

  4. Anywhere with trees like that! Thanks so much for the quotation and the image.

  5. Down through France, which we will be very soon. I love that phrase 'always April regardless of the season'. Aprils like this one are my favourite month and it would be lovely if it were always like this!

  6. Tonia - oh yes to a suny sea as I sit here with the rain pattering down.
    Tamara - ooh yes where for a favourite memory journey?
    hiphip - As I sit here having experienced gorgeous sunshine this morning and now grey wet skies I'd like to be at your perpetually 70 and sunny space.
    Birdie - How lovely that you found this blog. Thank you for commenting.
    potterjotter - ooh we drove through France yesterday - where will you be going?


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