Sunday, 1 January 2012

Oceans are moving

"A whole year passed, unremarkable, one of those periods of consolidation in change when one is growing and filling out into the spaces of a life the shape of which has been set but not yet seen: the time will come to stop shout, and look, up and around at the walls, the ceilings, the staircases leading from here to there, that one has built around oneself out of daily dabs of mud. Or the year was like a ship; inside it seems much the same town you have always lived in... But beneath the patterned carpet oceans are moving past your feet; and you yourself have determined this with a ticket you bought months back." Nadime Gordimer The Lying Days

For us 2011 definately wasn't like a ship - we knew we'd moved...
What was 2011 for you a staircase or a ship? And how would you like 2012 to be?


  1. 2011 - a ship, no question. 2012 - would like a staircase year please.

  2. Tonia - Hope you had a good festive period, Happy New Year & here's to 2012 being year of the staircase.


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