Friday, 6 January 2012

A dash of yellow

Let's brighten things up. Shake the possible January gloom away and think of flowers.
'Lady Slane liked them [his little offerings] best when they took the form of flowers... He would make daring and surprising combinations of colour and form, till the result was more like a still-life painting than like a bunch of living flowers, yet informed with a life that no paint could rival. Set upon their window-sill, luminous in the sun... he would produce a bunch as garish as a gipsy, all blue and purple and orange, but next week a bunch discreet as a pastel, all rose and grey with a dash of yellow..' Vita Sackville-West All Passion Spent



  1. Love the pic, love the words. Missing the flowers in my garden. Is Spring so celebrated because it is so longed for in January and February?

  2. Ooh flowers: image and quote have brightened my morning! May have to treat myself to some early daffodils today.

  3. We've had lots of January 'gloom' here in Illinois this winter. I'm personally wishing for some snow, but a dash of yellow would be fine as well. Especially in a bunch of beautiful flowers.

  4. Belinda - Hello. Thank you. I'm looking forward to reading alot more about the flowers in your garden.
    Tonia - good I'm pleased to have brightened your morning.
    Bellezza - I didn't used to be a big fan of yellow but slowly it's crept into being liked.


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