Tuesday, 31 August 2010

We need to talk about....

I shall also remember this summer for the books I read. The one which will place itself most firmly in summer 2010 is 'We need to talk about Kevin' by Lionel Shriver. When it was first published it just did not interest me. Over time, mainly through reading interviews with Lionel Shriver I've thought that perhaps I would like to read it. I'm so glad I have read it and I'm so glad that was when I was ready for it, not when there was all the hype. I especially liked the beginning part of the story where she and her husband are thinking about whether or not to have children.

'"I love to talk about other people. Not peoples. People I know, people close to me - people who drive me crazy. But I feel as if I'm using my family up... Honestly Franklin, maybe we should have a kid just to have something else to talk about."
"Now that... is frivoulous."
I stayed your hand. "It's not. What we talk about is what we want to think about, is what are lives are about. I'm not sure I want to spend mine looking over my shoulder at a generation whose lineage I'm personaly helping to truncate."' Lionel Shriver We need to talk about Kevin.

What did you think about this book/story?
ps. No picture today - I'm not sure what image would be appropriate.


  1. It absolutely gripped and frightened the bejeezus out of me at the same time: the ending was just devastating. So glad I read it, but not sure I want to read anything else of hers?

  2. I haven't read this...sounds fascinating though. Gladly, I need to go to the bookstore tonight, will look for this!

    Julie xo


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