Friday, 27 August 2010

Fools for Memory

On Sunday we visited Tate Modern and the Exposed exhibition.
I loved the series of photographs by Harry Callahan 'Women lost in thought'.

Harry Callahan 'Women lost in thought' series. Tate Modern Exposed

'You know that we women are such fools for memory; I declare we do walk backwards through life, with our faces turned towards the past.'
Rose Tremain Music and Silence
These past few weeks that's really been me, onto the present now.
As I re read this quote though it puzzles me. Do you think it's only women who are 'fools for memory'? I'm not sure. I know I am but I don't think it's because I'm a woman. How about you?


  1. Can I be a fool for memory and for imagined futures - both keep playing a loop in my head right now.

  2. I think everyone has a tendency to do it and we all have to fight to just be in the present without looking to the past.

  3. I think everyone looks to the past because it's all we've known -- It's comforting, whereas the future is uncertain. I'm definitely a fool for memory! this looks like a great exhibit! xx,jane

  4. I dont think its a gendered thing, but it could be that we women are more vocal about memories. I also agree with Poppies and Sunshine, that we do struggle to live in the present because of the voices in our heads... But thanks for sharing this photo and the idea of the exhibition - must have been pretty amazing to be there.

  5. Thank you for all your thoughts - they've helped me make a little more sense of memory and this quote.

  6. Hmmm woman or not i think people often focus on the past whether it is productive or not... I would suggest the challenge would be to try and look forward! Have a gorgeous weekend x

  7. Oh how I love Tate Modern. My experiences and observations, usually the simplest of things, are most certainly synced with memories of the past. I see it as a sensory enhancement of the present and I'm glad for it, I don't feel it's foolish at all! I'm always amazed at how good I feel when something triggers an ordinary moment from my childhood, and that sunshine has so much to do with what does get triggered. I can't be the only one judging by all of the faded, sunny, nostalgia-style photos out there!

  8. I'm a fool for memory. Don't always want to be, can't always remember perfectly, but I have to guard against looking backward instead of forward.

  9. I do think woman tend to hold onto every little memory. We keep it in this special place, probably our hearts. I do and it's funny because my mother and I were recently talking about this. We never forget a thing and I think that keeps us in the past..holding on to things. Beautiful. As always:)

    Julie xo


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