Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ode to a Teapot

Now, I love a mocha - it's my signature milky drink - it makes the coffee sweeter.... But today in Pret I chose good old Earl Grey - and it came in a teapot. It was so lovely pouring from a pot and then the milk jug - a calming ritual. It made me think I must use mine more often (and I have three to choose from). If I were to add to my collection this would be it.

Thank you Pret for reminding me about the glories of a pot of tea.


  1. Lovely Ra - the teapot reminds me of hen party fun!! What a sweet surprise!!!

    And then the functional bit...

    Your links don't work - it looks like somehow there're extra http://'s at the beginnings - not sure how or why, but i'm sure it will be simple to fix!! We should arrange our glamour & geeks afternoon to do the techy stuff!!!


  2. That was my first comment posted!! Woo Hooo - feel free to delete it when read...

    this one may stay for ever to say I LOVE THE TEAPOT!!!

    Delicious post for a wet and soggy day


  3. Ahhh thank you shall amend when not at work!


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