Thursday, 10 January 2013

Battle of Flowers

After the dark days earlier in the week some flowers.

'All autumn Mrs. Parmenter had run out between the showers and picked the asters, saying brightly that an old woman must be allowed to do something around the house. Opposition would hardly have been hysterical if she had offered to make the beds, but her tastes appeared to be floral. Now it was January and the snowdrops, and before you knew where you were, Mrs. Ramsay thought morbidly, it would be May and the tulips. Somehow she had never expected to spend the war having a Battle of Flowers with Mrs. Parmenter.' Mollie Panter-Downes Mrs Ramsay's War in Good Evening, Mrs Craven

Not quite sure what a Battle of Flowers would look like but in some ways I like the sound of it. Which flower would win?


  1. I always think the Rhododendron is the thug of the plant world, but in terms of flowers I'd have to say the lily, it has staying power, a sickly scent when past it's best, and a lethal pollen in it's arsenal.

    1. Lilac - oh yes definitely joining you with the lily. I don't especially like the scent and then to have to tiptoe around the lethal pollen is just not worth it.


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