Monday, 15 October 2012

rich, timeless fragrance

I picked up Rohinton Mistry's such a long journey in a second hand book shop. I've read one of his books before and enjoyed it and when I read on the back that 'set in Bombay against the backdrop of war in the Indian subcontinent and the birth of Bangladesh..' I wanted to read it. I teach in a predominantly Bengali community and want to know more. This sounded a perfect read. Alas 200pages in we have parted company.
I did enjoy reading these thoughts though.

'The smell of old books and bindings, learning and wisdom floated out.... Reaching in, he pulled out Brewer's Dictionary and opened it at random. He held it up to his nose and closed his eyes. The rich, timeless fragrance rose from the precious pages, soothing his uneasy confused spirit. He shut the book tenderly stroking its spine with the back of his fingers, and replaced it on the shelf.' Rohinton Mistry such a long journey



  1. Nothing quite beats the smell of old books and bindings: it even wins over the smell of a baby's head.
    I've had quite a few fails on the book front this year: life is too short and reading too much of a pleasure to struggle through with something that doesn't make your heart leap when you pick it up.

    1. Tonia - Yes true words about not finishing a book that's not inspiring, but I then wonder what I've missed by not finishing it.

  2. The perfect quote to describe how most of us feel about books! I used to work at a library that had the most perfect old book smell. It was heady! I sometimes go back to visit just to experience the smell again.

    1. Anbolyn - I love the idea of revisiting an old place of work for the scent.


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