Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Month of May

Began with meeting Lula from The Golden Afternoon Tea Company to discuss my birthday cakes.
Discovering a new restaurant for midweek suppers with friends. The Riding House Cafe. I am still dreaming about the chocolate sundae with honeycomb and macarons.
A surprise Thursday tweet from Gudrun Sjorden saying I was the lucky winner of their retweet to win a scarf. Home on Friday to discover it on our doorstep. A bright and lovely addition to my wardrobe. Thank you.
A lovely Saturday with Twin. Exploring the V&A British Design 1948-2012 exhibition. I'm looking forward to going again with Warmth later on in the summer.
A thorough thorough spring clean of our house. How does it get so dirty?
Off to my hairdresser's pop up shop a new brooch and some cocktail glasses then meeting Warmth for Bank Holiday Sunday drinks at The Railway, our new favourite pub.
A day trip to Brighton. A delightful read of Jane Eyre, mooching in the different jewellery shops and then the most delicious lunch in Terre a Terre.
Enjoying sunshine, venturing out without socks or tights and wearing bright varnish on my toes at last.
A girls' night out on Saturday night to Cocochan.
A glorious Sunday and finally buying the Whistles summer dress.
Meeting mother and pops for a wet and cold Tuesday evening supper at Waterloo Bar and Kitchen then a Thursday supper out with dear friends at Sofra.
A Saturday mooch in Exmouth market - continuing, and ending the birthday jewellery searching. Then to Mama and Papa Warmth for supper.
The family weekend continued with my cousin and her gorgeous family coming for lunch.
The weather turned to glorious, wonderful sunshine. The garden looks amazing. The foxgloves are peeping, the roses budding and the rhododendron resplendent in it's purple glory.
A beautiful sunny Saturday. Meeting dear friend to go to the Christian Louboutin Exhibition at the Design Museum. Then a first time explore of Maltby Street Market. Glorious on a sunny lunchtime. We ate brunch at Bea's Diner and took home the much read about St. John Bakery's custard donuts. Home to rest before going out to friend's annual Eurovision Party.
A sunny Sunday cleaning, gardening and getting ready for our holiday.
Nails painted in Essie Clam Bake means I keep wanting to sing "We had a real good clam bake, we're mighty glad you came" from Carousel all the time.
And today a visit to Mudchute Farm with 120 three to five year olds and the anticipation of our holiday.

Baking my first attempt at Millionaire's Shortbread - I shall make it again. A favourite Hummingbird Bakery Summer Fruit Cheesecake. And a disaster. I attempted to make up my own recipe using stewed rhubarb and left over condensed milk for a loaf cake. It was all a bit dense, soggy and not to be repeated. Nigella's Cappucino Cupcakes for Eurovision.
Reading The wartime stories of Mollie Panter-Downes, the perfect bedtime reading. Two short stories before I close my eyes. Getting started early for the Victorian Reading challenge with a third re read of Jane Eyre.


  1. How wonderful! Loved your line about Essie's Clam Bake - such an evocative name, clever Essie. Have just told my daughter we have to go for the Chocolate Sundae with honeycomb and macarons soon or I shall feel life is missing something! Well done on the Whistles dress.

    1. Pen&Pencil - I love nail polish names, I always think what a fun job that would be.

  2. Birthday cake discussions are always of supreme importance, and well done on the scarf win! Glad you enjoyed reading Jane Eyre.

    1. Tonia - I know I love my scarf, though am now entering no more competitions as fear I've win my allotted thing for the year!

  3. I do enjoy your monthly round-ups. Must organise a day trip to Brighton myself. Enjoy your holiday.

    1. Vintage Reading - I hope you have a drier day in Brighton than we did - but then again when it rains a great excuse to pop in to shops and rest for cups of tea.


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