Thursday, 4 August 2011

Blogging Holiday

Whoop Whoop hurrah we've moved home. I'm taking August off posting, but still hope to read your blogs, for starting the journey of making our house our home.


  1. Have fun settling in, Rachel! We'll miss you! x

  2. Good luck with the journey from house to home: best bit of a move!

  3. Congratulations and happy home-making :-)

  4. Have fun settling in! And congrats on a new home, so exciting!!

  5. All the best for life in your new abode.

    Perhaps we should come up with apt book titles for someone who has moved home.

    The House That Is Our Own by O Douglas.

    Sarah's Cottage by D E Stevenson.

  6. Congratulations! Do have a wonderful time, settling into your new home.

  7. What about The New House by Lettice Cooper? (a suitable book title, I mean, as suggested by Geraldine.)
    You are not the only person moving. Neighbours of ours moved out today (we shall miss them very much) and a new family moved in. Not only those, another change of ownership in our Close only two weeks ago. May your move go well and your new home be a happy haven for you.
    Margaret P

  8. Thank you for your lovely messages. We are very much loving having a garden, stairs and more than four rooms. Thank you for the book suggestions more to explore, read and place on a bookshelf.

  9. Ok - we'll let you have a 'rest', but look forward to hearing and seeing what you've done on the home-making front in due course.


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