Saturday, 7 May 2011

White Blossom

Elizabeth and her German Garden begins on the 7th May and within this day we have this quote. No wonder I have so many quotes from this book.

'There are so many bird-cherries round me, great trees with branches sweeping the grass, and they are so wreathed just now with white blossoms the tenderest green that the garden looks like a wedding.' Elizabeth von Arnim Elizabeth and her German Garden

And then I found these beautiful wedding images on Once Wed


  1. It's true! The springtime blossoms do so resemble a wedding! As though they're dressed for their beloved. What a wonderful image, and I love that author although I only know her for An Enchanted April.

  2. Oh how lovely - 'dressed for their beloved'. Elizabeth and her German Garden is a joy - not quite as wonderful as Enchanted April, but still lovely.


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