Thursday, 3 March 2011

Great Uncle Henry

So today we're off to celebrate Great Uncle Henry's 100th birthday. He still lives by himself in the home he and his wife bought over fifty years ago in Bow, East London.

A quotation about how we change through life seems appropriate today.

..."there is no such thing as a coherent human personality. When you are forty you have no cell in your body that you had at eighteen. It was the same, he said, with your character. Memory is the only thing that binds you to earlier selves; for the rest, you become an entirely different being every decade or so, sloughing off the old persona, renewing and moving on. You are not who you were, he told her, nor who you will be." Sebastian Faulks Charlotte Gray

we heart it

Happy Birthday Henry x


  1. That is a great quote!! Another good one to print for my quote board. And Happiest of Happy Birthdays to your Great Uncle Henry!! 100 is amazing, may he have many many more!!

  2. Well, I bet Great Uncle Henry has some Great memories! Wow. 100!! Happy Birthday!

  3. amazing! I live in Bow! I hope he has a really super time, what an amazing age

  4. Wow how wonderful to be celebrating a 100th birthday! I hope he had a special birthday and has many great years ahead of him!


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