Thursday, 28 October 2010


"Dreams are private, she said. And she is right. A dream is a story that no one else will get to hear or read.
Thanks to dreams, in the history of the galaxy the world has been reivented more often than there are stars.'
Lloyd Jones Mr Pip
Do you remember your dreams? I do, frequently. As a teenager I started to try and write them down in a journal, but dreams aren't dreamt to be written down - there are too many layers happening at the same time, or that's what happens with my dreams. Instead I would share them at breakfast, to groans from Twin and parents. Mum asked Warmth once whether he had the pleasure of hering my dreams. Today I'm going to share my dream with you.
I dreamt it was National Delia Smith Day and so for this blog I was thinking of my favourite recipe to share. I'd decided it would be her recipe for profiteroles.

(I think this dream came from looking at cookery books last night planning what to bake and cook this week.


If it really was National Delia Smith Day which recipe of hers would you share on your blog?


  1. hmm probably something Christmasy- as it is fast approaching and I saw my first mulled wine last night

  2. Haha, brilliant dream! I wish mine were as useful. I never remember them but i'm fairly sure they aren't..

    My favourite Delia recipe is her chunky apple cake. It is in her Book of Cakes however, as testament to how good this recipe is, the page it was on is now missing from my book - !! So I would not actually be able to share it. Instead I would share the recipe for Jean's Gingernuts which is also in the book - and is actually still there... and then I might also recommend the damp gingerbread recipe, which is also very good if you like a particular sort of gingerbread.

    I have never made profiteroles - i'm impressed!


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