Friday, 25 November 2011

Used to being adored

I'd had The Third Miss Symon's noted down to read for a long time but found The Rector's Daughter first. When reading The Rector's Daughter I loved it and knew I'd found a special book that would stay with me and I should definately like to re read again. Having finished The Third Miss Symon's I'm reflecting on the two stories.

As it's finally going to be the weekend tomorrow and one of the many lovely parts to the weekend is a leisurely breakfast this line seems fun. I hope it brings a smile to your Friday breakfast in the hopeful knowledge of maybe a lie in tomorrow.

'She was as used to being adored as having her breakfast.' F.M. Mayor The Rector's Daughter. 1

(Just in case you haven't read this book this passage doesn't refer to The Rector's Daughter.)
Wishing you a lovely weekend when it arrives.


  1. Given the opportunity, I could get used to it! Have a lovely, adoring weekend.

  2. Love that photograph, love the idea of a lie in. (What a fun British phrase!) It's the day after Thanksgiving here in America, and I'm debating if I should put up Christmas or just continue reading. It shouldn't be such a hard decision, but the weekends offer time that the work days don't. How best to spend it? Perhaps with that croissant and coffee in bed... :)

  3. Tonia - Hope you felt adored this weekend too.
    Bellezza - I hope you had a lie in ad na belated Happy Thanksgiving to you.


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