Monday, 28 November 2011

Tufted Bundles

There's now a small monthly Farmer's Market in where we live. Not quite as amazing as this sounds but still....

'The stalls were piled high with scarlet tomatoes, clear green lettuces, tufted bundles of white whiskered crimson radishes. Sacks of new potatoes squatted low on the cobbles... cottage women offered for sale long sticks of bright pink rhubarb and bunches of forget-me-nots or wallflowers.' Winifred Holtby South Riding



  1. Oh I do love a good market. Sadly there is usually a marked difference is what I hope to expect and what I actually find in most markets. Treasure yours, even if it is small!

  2. Loving 'whiskered radishes'! Your market looks lovely and such a sweet picture of all the goodies!

  3. Tonia - Yes the imagination and reality are often somewhat different.
    Cathy - Alas the image isn't from our market. I like the 'bright pink rhubarb' but I think that's because I love rhubarb to taste and look at.


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