Monday, 4 July 2011

Rouge Coco

So, to get ready for Paris in July it feels as if one should look right.

'I strolled through a grove of dress material and found myself at a counter piled with jars of face creams and lipsticks. ...I caught sight of my own face, colourless and worried-looking, the eyes large and rather frightened, the lips too pale. I did not feel that I could ever acquire a smooth apricot complexion but I could at least buy a new lipstick, I thought...' Barbara Pym Excellent Women

And of course it has to be Chanel


  1. The very book I am reading at present! I haven't got to that bit yet.

  2. Just about summing up how I'm feeling AND how I spent my lunch hour!

  3. Lucille - hello! How are you finding Excellent Women?
    Tonia - ooh what did you buy?


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