Monday, 25 July 2011


Instead of 'I sit here writing with my feet in the sink...' it's 'I sit here posting about Chocolat whilst eating some delicious chocolates..'

Here are some of my favourite mouth watering passages from Chocolat.

'On a white marble shelf are aligned innumerable boxes, packages, cornets of silver and gold paper, rosettes, bells, flowers hearts and long curls of multicoloured ribbon. In glass bells and dishes lie the chocolates, the pralines... truffles, mendiants, candied fruits, hazelnut clusters, chocolate seashells, candied rose-petals sugared violets...'

'... I went into the kitchen for two meringues, which were still warm and treacly inside their chocolate envelopes and served with thick creme Chantilly and chopped hazlenuts.'

'We make the delicate liquer chocolates, the rose-petal clusters, the gold-wrapped coins the violet creams, the chocolate cherries and almond rolls in batches of fifty at a time...The smells of vanilla essence and cognac and caramelized apple and bitter chocolate fill the house.' Joanne Harris Chocolat

chocolat chocolat chocolat

What's your favourite chocolate?


  1. Oh lord, what a quote to read on a Monday morning! Just off out to get myself some pralines...

  2. The words, the images.....must have chocolate NOW!

  3. Call me a philistine, but in the days when I did eat chocolate, I loved a Caramac bar ... don't know if they still make them.

  4. Yum! I have this book from the library and may have to try it now.

  5. Jo Ann I wonder if I ate more chocolate whilst reading Chocolat as my taste buds were teased.
    Tonia mmmm pralines.
    Potter jotter Some how other chocolates always tempt me more than Caramac but maybe I should retry them.
    Carolyn oh do read it it's an easy sensory delight.

  6. What scrumptious descriptions! I love any chocolate combined with fleur de sel caramel and I am also very fond of the chocolate and orange combination.

  7. My, what a luscious post! It has me wanting chocolate for petite dejeuner! Personally, and this is a rare instance for me, I enjoyed the film of Chocolat more than the book. Perhaps because of Juliet Binet and Johnny Depp? At any rate, the quotes you posted are lovely, along with the pictures, and as to coming up with my favorite I can't say it's possible to pick just one...maybe salted caramels dipped in dark chocolate?

  8. Anbolyn & Bellezza oh salted caramels and chocolate they are my favourite. I recently found a recipe for salted chocolate brownies that I really want to bake and then eat.

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