Monday, 20 December 2010

Finding The Tree

" I know where we'll find real pretty trees... And holly, too. With berries as big as your eyes...
'We're almost there; can you smell it Buddy?' she says, as though we were approaching an ocean.
And, indeed, it is a kind of ocean. Scented acres of holiday trees, prickly leafed holly. Red berries shiny as Chinese bells: ...we set about choosing a tree. 'It should be,' muses my friend, 'twice as tall as a boy. So a boy can't steal the star.' The one we pick is twice as tall as me. A brave handsome brute... Lugging it like a kill, we commence the long trek out...But we have the strength of triumphant huntsmen; that and the tree's virile, icy perfume revive us." Truman Capote A Christmas Memory


Tomorrow we'll decorate the tree.


  1. ooh, the tree, the tree! Ours is up and decorated, proving an irresistible treat for the cat and already shedding needles like a good 'un. Wouldn't be Christmas without a few pine needles in socks!

  2. A favorite passages, from my favorite Christmas story. We finished decorating our tree yesterday. Merry Christmas!

  3. What a great story...I'm sure your tree looks beautiful!

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    Julie xo


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