Friday, 7 June 2013

a dress so flowery

'Miss Marriot tying up the clematis and wearing a dress so flowery that many foiled bees buzzed angrily round her for a moment before going on to the less deceiving columbines.' Mollie Panter-Downes It's the real thing this time in Good evening, Mrs Craven


I doubt I'll be wearing a dress like this.


  1. That dress is awesome, and the headscarf, necklace and bangles - you can wear jewellery!

    1. Lilac - I know isn't it a wonderful outfit. I like the daydreaming ability of blogging - if only I had an outfit like that....

  2. I love florals, but I rarely wear them. That dress is beautiful - I don't think I'd like bees buzzing around me, though.

    1. Anbolyn - Isn't it a beautiful dress.

  3. "There she sat, with twenty miles of view behind her, and he placed the dripping baby on her knee. It shone now with health and beauty; it seemed to reflect light, like a copper vessel."
    E.M. Foster 'Where Angels Fear to Tread.'

    I'm waiting, oh, so patiently to hear of the new arrival! /:-)

    1. Share - what a wonderful quote. Baby has arrived & all well. Will post soon, thank you for your thoughts.

  4. Like Share My Garden, I've been checking to see if you have an update, hope all is well. x

    1. Lilac - thank you so much for your thoughts. Just need to download a photo & put a post up. All very well & very busy.

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